We offer programs that center the Black experience in Austin.

These programs include:

Preservation Projects and Advocacy, Historic Tours, Art Exhibits, Musical Explorations, Mural Commissions and Consultations, The District Cultural Arts Fest and work to mitigate displacement.

Six Square’s Gallery

Each year, we feature artists and artwork that is reflective of the black experience. Our 2018 art exhibits included:

  • The Black Woman in Art: A Renewed Purpose
  • Black Behind the Lens
  • In Living Color: The Intersection of Art, Civil Rights, and Pop Culture
  • refleXion
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Historic Tours

Telling our shared history through historic tours of Central East Austin, Six Square tours highlight landmarks of black architecture and design, historic cemeteries, churches, juke joints on the Chitlin’ Circuit, and other significant sites. Six Square tours encapsulate more than 150 years of black life and culture in Austin.

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The District Cultural Arts Fest

Presented by Six Square, the District Cultural Arts Fest is an exciting celebration honoring the rich legacy and cultural contributions of Central Texas’ Black community. From African drumming & dancing to engaging theatrical performances, and carefully curated black cuisine across various sites in the District, Six Square reanimates and provides a new context to the location’s history and culture.

With musical performances from local, national and international artists, the festival is an opportunity that grounds the black experience to its African and African Diaspora roots.

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Musical Explorations

Musical Explorations is one of Six Square’s creative placekeeping activities that honors the rich musical legacy that developed in Central East Austin. Held each summer, it is a showcase for emerging and established artists of various black musical traditions including: Blues, Jazz, R&B, Neo-Soul, and Hip-Hop.

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Chicon Mural Reveal

Community celebration to reveal the “We Rise” mural by Chris Rogers, located at 12th and Chicon Street. Food and sweets were provided by Rolling Rooster, Easley’s BBQ, and other local vendors.

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Preserving people, places and things. Our preservation efforts help to reanimate public spaces and ensure that cultural assets remain and include the Black narrative, ensuring that Austin’s narrative is complete, and reflective of the diverse components that make it unique.

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